When is my child ready to go for ballet lesson?

When is my child ready to go for ballet lesson?

You know your child has a dancer’s feet immediately they start taking a few steps and responding to a music beat. The first parental instinct is to find the best ballet classes for children but is your child ready? As a parent, the anxiety to see your child glide gracefully in her little tights one day could be very overwhelming. Moreover, you are also aware of the many benefits that come with dancing such as confidence boosting, instilling discipline as well as entertaining kids.  That is why even if your child is still young, he/she can still start early. What can you do?

First step classes

When your child is three, you can start sourcing for ballet classes for him or her. Baby Ballet classes are offered at Young Dancers Academy to provide these really young ones with some knowledge of basic movement to ease the child into the foundations of ballet.

The instructor has good knowledge on which moves are safe for your little one. Depending on whether your champ wants to be a recreational dancer or a star in future, you can discuss with the instructor on the number of hours per week. Young Dancers Academy are able to provide the program best suited for your child.

Shy kids

If you are a parent of a shy kid then you will need to be extra patient for them to get comfortable with the new faces. Your child may be dancing pretty well at home in your presence but refuses to when in class. Do not be distressed or give up, instead try to talk to your child and encourage him/her in their daily struggles. Work closely with the instructor to boost confidence in your little champ. Be ready to be more encouraging and patient than usual with your kid as the parental support is extremely crucial in boosting his or her confidence. Slowly but surely your child will mingle with other kids and once she gets friends then be sure it will be your last class.

Older kids

Just because your child did not get to start early, does not mean that you cannot enroll him/her to a dance school near you. Do your research well and get to know which institution will be helpful to sharpen your kid’s skill. Since your child is old enough understanding moves will be easy for her and soon she will be at per with her mates.

Lastly, get started with hunting down the best and credible ballet lessons in Singapore for your kid’s bright future. At Young Dancers Academy, instructors are able to help those who did not get a head start and help them along, whether its through private lessons, or group classes. We will be able to find a class suitable for your child.