Toddler Ballet / Creative Music & Movement

Ballet Classes For Toddlers

(3 - 4 years old)

Here at Young Dancers Academy, children are exposed to dance in a fun-loving way, where, apart from learning the concepts of ballet, they will also learn musical concepts and learn how to express that through dance expressions.

Our children can express their creativity and imagination through body movements and they also learn to foster communication skills in a group setting.

Duration of Our Ballet Classes for Toddlers
Classes are usually 45 minutes long.

The 45-minute lessons aim to cater to children with short attention span, which is common at that age.

What Do The Toddlers Get To Learn
The classes include simple stretching. Most toddlers are amazingly limber, and in this class, your child will learn to stretch her body and limbs in a safe and fun environment. Stretching enhances flexibility which is crucial for the healthy development of young dancers’ muscles.

Enhancing Their Creativity
Children are most imaginative at this young age. Dancing props are utilized in this class to enhance the students’ creativity and imagination. Be it catching butterflies in the park, picking flowers in the garden, or swimming with the fishes in the clear blue sea. We do our best to incorporate imaginative themes into our lessons, creating visual imagery that allows young children to better understand the dance movements.

Learn Rhythm & Body Coordination Skills
The use of a wide range of music in our ballet classes for children exposes these young dancers to different rhythm and music. Learning to move around with the music helps our toddlers to learn coordination skills.

Learn To Socialize
The classes are conducted in small groups. Doing so allows children to learn to take turns to perfect their little steps, and dance in partners. Not only will this help them to practice socializing with others, but it also helps to build up their confidence level especially when they are dancing with their friends.