1What are the benefits of getting my kids to learn ballet?
You certainly want the best for your kids. You want them to try new things, experience exciting activities and discover certain skills that they can use once they grow up. If your kid tells you that he/she wants to try dancing, then do not hesitate to enroll him/her to a school that specializes in classical ballet training – a school that not only provides classes for young children but also classes that offer pre-professional training. Young Dancers offer Classical Ballet Exam Training, Competition Training, as well as Vocational Training in preparation for Professional Dance Career.

For starters, it is important to know the many benefits and advantages your child can get from learning ballet.

Promotes Physical Capabilities
Ballet is known to promote the physical strength of children. Ballet is not only about dancing but also developing techniques and skills to improve a child’s physical capabilities. Recent study shows that girls who engage in ballet dancing are better in focus and concentration compared to those who are not. Ballet classes are designed to help children develop an understanding of music and rhythm. It also teaches precision of movements and cultivates a sense of creative expression in children.

Improves Emotional Health
At the same time, ballet classes for kids can also help in their emotional development. A child enrolled in professional dance classes can have improved emotional health. One who is constantly training for ballet will start to develop a sense of pride and confidence in what he or she does. Kids will look at themselves in a positive manner knowing that they have a particular skill. At the same time, it can also improve their self-esteem. Hence, if your child is attending ballet classes, you can expect him or her to feel happier and more confident. The improvement in your child’s emotional health is long-lasting. These benefits will also be carried through once your child finishes his or her training.

Making New Friends
Several other little children attend ballet classes. These young girls and boys come from different places and have different backgrounds. As such, they are truly strangers to one another. However, once they start training, they are presented with the opportunity to interact and gradually open up to one another. When this happens, your child can meet new people whom she can call friends. Many of the friendships forged in ballet classes go a long way and ‘ballet friends’ are often the best because these friends have gone through the same training and experiences. Furthermore, the friendships can be extended to children from other classes as well and this is especially so when dance schools have annual concerts or gatherings. Your child will then be presented with the chance to mingle with seniors and can also be exposed to these older girls’ experiences.  Young Dancers Academy’s Scholars Classes are conducted in groups, giving the seniors and juniors an opportunity to mingle and train together.
2When is my child ready to go for ballet lessons?
You know your child has a dancer’s feet immediately they start taking a few steps and responding to a music beat. The first parental instinct is to find the best ballet classes for children but is your child ready? As a parent, the anxiety to see your child glide gracefully in her little tights one day could be very overwhelming. Moreover, you are also aware of the many benefits that come with dancing such as confidence boosting, instilling discipline as well as entertaining kids.  That is why even if your child is still young, he/she can still start early. What can you do?

First step classes
When your child is three, you can start sourcing for ballet classes for him or her. Baby Ballet classes are offered at Young Dancers Academy to provide these really young ones with some knowledge of basic movement to ease the child into the foundations of ballet.

The instructor has good knowledge on which moves are safe for your little one. Depending on whether your champ wants to be a recreational dancer or a star in future, you can discuss with the instructor on the number of hours per week. Young Dancers Academy are able to provide the program best suited for your child.

Shy kids
If you are a parent of a shy kid then you will need to be extra patient for them to get comfortable with the new faces. Your child may be dancing pretty well at home in your presence but refuses to when in class. Do not be distressed or give up, instead try to talk to your child and encourage him/her in their daily struggles. Work closely with the instructor to boost confidence in your little champ. Be ready to be more encouraging and patient than usual with your kid as the parental support is extremely crucial in boosting his or her confidence. Slowly but surely your child will mingle with other kids and once she gets friends then be sure it will be your last class.

Older kids
Just because your child did not get to start early, does not mean that you cannot enroll him/her to a dance school near you. Do your research well and get to know which institution will be helpful to sharpen your kid’s skill. Since your child is old enough understanding moves will be easy for her and soon she will be at per with her mates. Young Dancers Academy has a wide range of classes for children of all ages up to their teenage years.

Lastly, get started with hunting down the best and credible ballet lessons for your kid’s bright future. At Young Dancers Academy, instructors are able to help those who did not get a head start and help them along, whether its through private lessons, or group classes. We will be able to find a class suitable for your child.
3What is the best age for my child to start attending ballet classes?
The question of what age should a child start on ballet class is very common with parents wanting to harness their kid’s talent fast. Being a parent of an aspiring dancer could be both exciting and daunting. It is exciting because your child is slowly warming up for a brighter future. Daunting due to the many advises you get from ballet websites or instructor recommendations. Once you get a feel of what to do next, you can easily decide on which step to take. Her are a few pointers to help your decision-making.

As a parent of a toddler you may be too excited to enroll your young one to the ballet classes. However, children at three tend to not be keen to take instructions given by the ballet teacher. This compromises their learning abilities and it will be hard for them to understand the dance steps. However, it does not mean that you can do nothing about it since there are other options that as a parent you can explore:
Pre-ballet classes
Young Dancers Academy offers classes for toddlers at the pre-ballet level. These classes cater to the abilities of very young dancers just starting out their journey as a little ballerina. The best age for classes at this level is around three or four years old, depending on the child's ability to comprehend and follow instructions.

At Young Dancers Academy, we have Baby Ballet classes for kids as young as three, as well as Pre-Ballet classes for kids who have turned four. The distinction allows for differentiated teaching that best caters to the learning abilities of the different age groups.

Delay training
There is no fixed age for starting ballet and there is no time limit to starting ballet classes for your kid. Depending on the development of their interests, some students start ballet at a much later age at about ten or twelve, or even in their teens or as an adult! Therefore, do not let age be an inhibition in your child's learning of ballet.

At Young Dancers Academy, we welcome children who have decided to pick up ballet classes at a much later age. Rest assured that our teachers and staff will provide the best recommendation for the most appropriate class for your child’s learning. Contact us should you or your child have an inkling of interest in ballet and would like to dabble into this art form.

By now you are not as confused as before. Make an informed decision to help your child acquire skills but at the same time, ensure that their development is priority. Doing so keeps your child active, attentive and fit for other tasks.
4How should my kid and I prepare for his or her first ballet class?
The first ballet class is a memorable day in your little one’s life and therefore, every detail counts. There are a number of preparations you should be equipped with for this occasion. What does your kid need?

Ballet outfit First things first, you need to know what outfit is needed for the initial class. Depending on the dance school’s policies you may either be required to have specific attire or not. If there is not specific requirements, dress your kid in something comfortable like a t-shirt and tights so that he or she can move about with ease.

For typical ballet classes, you will have to get your child a leotard and tights. This allows the instructor to properly see the posture of your child and make appropriate corrections. Wearing a leotard and tights also ensures that movements are not unnecessarily hindered by extra clothing.

Ballet shoes
There is no ballet without ballet shoes. These dancing slippers keep ballet distinct from other contemporary dances. Remember not to get shoes that are too big for them as this would make it difficult to see the dancer's nice pointed and stretched feet. On the other hand, the shoes should not be too tight as well as that might cause the curling of the toes and discomfort for the little dancer.

Encourage your child
Beginners tend to get cold feet when the day comes, your child may feel so too. It can be very daunting for a young child to step into an unfamiliar studio and meet new faces. Get into the encouraging parent role to boost your child’s confidence. Assure her that ballet classes is something fun and exciting. Another tip is to assure her that she will make lots of new friends.
5What can I expect from a class at YDA?
You have just finalized all the arrangements of taking your child for ballet classes but you are having cold feet. It is quite normal for a parent to have reservations when leaving your child under somebody’s care but you have to brace yourself. This will happen sooner or later when it is time to start school. Knowing what to expect on the other hand, could go a long way in keeping you calm about this change. What to expect include:

Day one blues
If you are a parent of two or three children you have a pretty idea what this is all about. Kids are not very good with first day at school so will it be with the kids ballet class. As much as you will be anxious to let your child go on her own, just remember that taking that step will help your child to achieve independence.

o At Young Dancers Academy, we ffer trial classes for all our ballet classes. For little ones, our teachers are also equipped with ensuring that the child can easily ease into the class. You can email or call us to make an arrangement for that. How will the teacher be? This is a question that troubles almost every parent. You must be wondering; will my child like her? Will she be friendly to kids? All these are queries that must be troubling you. Trust the teacher and ensure yourself that your child is in safe hands. Ask your child about the class to find out if he or she feels comfortable or likes the teacher. It is important for little ones to feel comfortable in the ballet class that he or she is enrolling is. At Young Dancers Academy, teachers are happy to provide feedback to parents about their child’s progress. Feel free to always speak to us if you have any concerns.

Are parents allowed to watch?
All parents would want to watch the first dance class to get a feel of how a normal class will be. However, sometimes, an additional to another adult in the class may distract the young children. Hence, for the well being of the children, it is advisable to trust the school and the teachers and let them handle your child in class.

At Young Dancers Academy, we conduct annual Open House. During Open House, parents are invited to watch their children’s classes. In addition, Young Dancers Academy also holds Performances and Concerts.

Will my kid learn?
Of course parents will want to confirm if the children are learning because after all, they have invested both time and money. At the beginning children will get to learn the moves step by step and with time you can gauge the progress. Most dance schools have performances and examinations or grading. These are when you can gauge your child’s progress. At Young Dancers Academy, we have biannual performances and yearly examinations. We also have Open Houses where parents can watch their kids in class.

Do parents have to stay until class is over?
Another query you will have as a parent is whether you should stay for the class or not. This again is wholly dependent on the specific school. Some schools are equipped with waiting areas for you to wait for your child while others do not allow as such.

Will my child have fun?
This is the most important question that you would be concerned about. You know your child better. While ballet classes can be very structured and disciplined, they can be very fun as well. The onus is on the teachers to ensure the best learning experience for your child. Find out from your child about his or her experience after the class to gauge if he or she had a fun ballet lesson.

Calm down, relax and let your child enjoy the Singapore ballet classes which you have chosen for him or her.