Children’s Ballet

Ballet Classes For Kids

(5 - 7 years old)

Why Send Your Kids To Our Ballet Classes
• Experienced & Passionate Teachers
• Great Learning Environment – Fun & Enriching
• Learn coordination skills and good posture
• Cultivate teamwork and character building
• Great programs & opportunities for future growth
• Develop understanding & appreciation of the dance and music

About the kids’ ballet program
Our ballet classes for children are specially catered to help the young ones to be inspired to learn about the art of ballet. We seek to provide is a fun environment for the children to learn and to bond with other young ones. Our teachers ensure that your child will first enjoy the kids’ ballet classes and progress to develop the fundamentals of ballet.

The program will definitely become a little more advanced as your child progresses. While all children may have a different learning curve, we do not compromise on the basics and fundamentals of the ballet dance.

Our Ballet Class For Children Allows Students To:
• Learn how to play with the props (e.g. wands)
• Learn how to dance along with music
• Learn the basic ballet technique
• Be more disciplined
• Be familiar with concepts such as:
- Working with a partner
- Teamwork cooperation
- Following the teacher’s instructions

Kids’ Ballet Class Structure
Our children ballet classes are catered for children between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. One of our top priorities as emphasized is to create an environment where children will enjoy the ballet class, where they will feel engaged and inspired to learn.

Our children ballet classes for the age between 3-7 typically run for 45 minutes. If you have any questions regarding our ballet classes for children, feel free to contact us.