What should my kid prepare for before their first ballet class?

What should my kid prepare for before their first ballet class?

The first ballet class is a memorable day in your little one’s life and therefore, every detail counts. There are a number of preparations you should be equipped with for this occasion. What does your kid need?

Ballet outfit

First things first, you need to know what outfit is needed for the initial class. Depending on the dance school’s policies you may either be required to have specific attire or not.

For typical ballet classes, you will have to get your child leotard and tights. This allows the instructor to properly see the posture of your child and make appropriate corrections. Wearing a leotard and tights also ensures that movements are not unnecessarily hindered by extra clothing.

Ballet shoes

There is no ballet dance without ballet shoes. These dancing slippers keep ballet distinct from other contemporary dances. Remember not to get shoes that are too big for them as your child might slip and fall if they are too big.

Encourage your child

Beginners tend to get cold feet when the day comes, your child may feel so too. Get into the encouraging parent role to boost your child’s confidence. Assure her that ballet classes for kids are not as scary as she may think. Another tip is to assure her that she will make lots of new friends.

With these awesome tips, be prepared to have fun!