What is the best age for my child to start on ballet classes?

What is the best age for my child to start on ballet classes?


The question of what age should a child start on ballet class is very common with parents wanting to harness their kid’s talent fast. Being a parent of an aspiring dancer could be both exciting and daunting. It is exciting because your child is slowly warming up for a brighter future. Daunting due to the many advises you get from ballet websites or instructor recommendations. Once you get a feel of what to do next, you can easily decide on which step to take. Read on a few pointers to help your decision-making.


As a parent of a toddler you may be too excited to enroll your young one to the ballet classes. However, children at three tend to not be keen to take instructions given by the ballet teacher. This compromises their learning abilities and it will be hard for them to understand the dance steps. However, it does not mean that you can do nothing about it since there are other options that as a parent you can explore:

Pre ballet classes

Ever heard of pre ballet classes? This is a kids ballet class which caters to the abilities of very young dancers just starting out their journey as a little ballerina. Three-year-olds can be enrolled but their low concentration will not work in their favor but if your child is exceptionally talented, why not? The best age for this levels are the four year olds who are more attentive and have better understanding and comprehending abilities than the younger kids. A common pre-ballet class involves kids being asked to move across the class while supervised by the instructor.

At Young Dancers Academy, we have Baby Ballet classes for kids as young as three years old, as well as Pre-Ballet classes for kids who have turned four. The distinction allows for differentiated teaching that best caters to the learning abilities of the different age groups.

Delay training

Who said there is a fixed age for starting ballet? No one and if there is, he/she is not being honest with you. There is no time limit to starting ballet classes for your kid. Whether you take your child early or not there is absolutely no reason to bar him/her from starting at any age. At ten or twelve, your child like all the rest can start learning. Therefore, you can still enroll your child and with the guidance from the instructor, she will catch up with the rest of the class. Better late than never, right?

At Young Dancers Academy, we welcome children who have decided to pick up ballet classes at a much later age. Rest assured that our teachers and staff will provide the best recommendation for the most appropriate class for your child’s learning. Contact us.

By now you are not as confused as before. Make an informed decision to help your child acquire skills but at the same time, ensure that their development is priority. Doing so keeps your child active, attentive and fit for other tasks. Ballet classes for kids should therefore be fully embraced.