What can parents expect at a preschool ballet class?

What can parents expect at a preschool ballet class?


You have just finalized all the arrangements of taking your kid for ballet classes and you are having cold feet. It is quite normal for a parent to have reservations when leaving your child under somebody’s care but you have to brace yourself. This will happen sooner or later when it is time to start school. Knowing what to expect on the other hand, could go a long way in keeping you calm about this change. What to expect include:

Day one blues

If you are a parent of two or three children you have a pretty idea what this is all about. Kids are not very good with first day at school so will it be with the kids ballet class. As much as you will be anxious to let your child go on her own, just remember that taking that step will help your child to achieve independence.

At Young Dancers Academy, we offer trial classes for all our ballet classes. For little ones, our teachers are also equipped with ensuring that the child can easily ease into the class. You can email or call us to make an arrangement for that.

How will the teacher be?

This is a question that troubles almost every parent. You must be wondering; will my child like her? Will she be friendly to kids? All these are queries that must be troubling you. Trust the teacher and ensure yourself that your child is in safe hands. Ask your child about the class to find out if he or she feels comfortable or likes the teacher. It is important for little ones to feel comfortable in the ballet class that he or she is enrolling is. At Young Dancers Academy, teachers are happy to provide feedback to parents about their child’s progress. Feel free to always speak to us if you have any concerns.

Are parents allowed to watch?

All parents would want to watch the first dance class to get a feel of how a normal class will be. However, sometimes, an additional to another adult in the class may distract the young children. Hence, for the well being of the children, it is advisable to trust the school and the teachers and let them handle your child in class. At Young Dancers Academy, we conduct annual Open House. During Open House, parents are invited to watch their children’s classes. In addition, Young Dancers Academy also holds Performances and Concerts bi-annually.

Will my kid learn?

Of course parents will want to confirm if the children are learning because after all, they have invested both time and money. At the beginning children will get to learn the moves step by step and with time you can gauge the progress. Most dance schools have performances and examinations or grading. These are when you can gauge your child’s progress. At Young Dancers Academy, we have biannual performances and yearly examinations. We also have Open Houses where parents can watch their kids in class.

Do parents have to stay until class is over?

Another query you will have as a parent is whether you should stay for the class or not. This again is wholly dependent on the specific school. Some schools are equipped with waiting areas for you to wait for your child while others do not allow as such. At Young Dancers Academy, we have a spacious waiting area for parents to wait for their child. Alternatively, the surrounding neighborhood also provides much convenience for you to run some errands while waiting for your child.

Will my child have fun?

This is the most important question that you would be concerned about. You know your child better. While ballet classes can be very structured and disciplined, they can be very fun as well. The onus is on the teachers to ensure the best learning experience for your child. Find out from your child about his or her experience after the class to gauge if he or she had a fun ballet lesson.

Calm down, relax and let your child enjoy the Singapore ballet classes which you have chosen for him or her.